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Goodbye Tivoli

Goodbye Kurashiki Tivoli Park!  I am so sad to see you go!

About a 45 minute drive away from our house is a theme park/amusement park that is just right for our family.  It is based on the original Tivili Park based in Denmark.  Once you enter the park you are enveloped in beautiful, well-kept gardens, with flowers in bloom during every season.  There are rows of sidewalks lined with trees, a small (natural) river running through the center and a man made pond for the paddle boats so commonly seen in parks.  There are fountains and European styled gardens, theaters and restaurants.  If maintained and marketed right, especially to the nearby community, it seems like it could be a success.  But as with many Japanese politics, things turned sour, the city didn't have enough revenue to support it, the prefecture didn't want to bail it out, and now after it just celebrated its 10th anniversary it will be shut down.  Roller coasters will be dismantled and auctioned off, buildings will be torn down, all the beautiful trees, shrubbery and plants that have been able to thrive in the last ten years...what will happen to them?  I hope they won't be bulldozed too. 

It's such a shame, it really is.  We just went to say goodbye to our old friend Tivoli last week.  They say attendance has doubled since last year...yes, everyone is going to say their last goodbye. We went to the park after 5 pm (admission is a bit cheaper after 5) but more importantly we wanted to see the festive lights, the Christmas tree, the candles lit up.  It really was beautiful. The gardens planted impeccably with winter flowers, pansies and kale and the like. There were families, families, families galore.  It's a great family place to bring young children.  There are rides that young ones can enjoy and even a roller coaster and log ride to excite the older kids. 

We have great memories at Tivoli.  When my parents were visiting from the states we took them there.  My son rode on the log ride for the first time with Grandma and Grandpa and he was so excited he did it.  We went on the big ferris wheel, all seven of us squeezed into one "car" riding high up above Kurashiki city.  We wanted to bring my sister and her family to Tivoli, but we got rained on so we had to cancel the trip.  Now I regret that and wished we had gone anyway.

Sometimes I think Japan's pattern of building and bulldozing can get carried away.  Preserving buildings, old homes and factories is not valued highly in Japan.  I don't know if it is because of the strict building codes due to earthquakes, or if it just becuase the Japanese just like things that are new.  The house I grew up in is over 150 years old.  Homes are just not renovated, renewed, updated and repaired in Japan.  Bulldoze it and build again is the norm.  Yet, I think the building standards are not as high.  Some homes go up so quickly....a friend told me that most homes are only build to last thirty years! What a waste....but I can see I am going on a tangent.....back to really is such a waste.

We are lucky to have good memories of Tivoli.  I told my children as we left the park, say goodbye to our friend Tivoli.  My daughter won't remember, for she is too young.  But we will have pictures to cherish the memories of our Tivoli. Thank you Tivoli!  We will miss you!!
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