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Things I wish for in a school uniform
My son is in second grade at a public elementary school.  He wears the traditional school uniform, black jacket with golden buttons, and black shorts.  Underneath he wears a white polo shirt and white socks with white sneakers.  These are the things I wish the school would CHANGE about the uniform.

1.  Colorful polo shirts  Allow the students to wear different colored polo shirts underneath the jacket.  Decide on three colors and allow the students to wear any of the colors, for example, dark blue, red and green(?).  White polo shirts are SO hard to keep clean. Especially with art class that uses colored paints, calligraphy that uses black ink, and school lunches with ketchup and teriyaki sauce!

2. Pants  Give several options for students to choose between shorts, skirts and long pants. Allow them to decide for themselves if they want to wear pants or a skirt, shorts or pants, after all what adults do you see these days that wear skirts everyday or shorts in the winter time?

3. Black socks  Allow children to wear dark colored socks.  White socks are SO hard to keep white!  As soon as my son wears his white socks just once, they come home filthy.  I have given up trying to take out the stains. 

4.  No set footwear  I wish that my son could wear any footwear he would like to, on the way to school.  I mean after all, they take their sneakers off before they enter school, so why not let them wear any kind of footwear? Currently he has to wear white sneakers, but the sneakers they sell as uniform sneakers are of poor quality and they (again) are SO hard to keep white.  I wish my son could wear rain footwear during the rainy days, different colored sneakers, warm shoes during the winter, anything he desired.  After all he walks a long distance everyday, why not wear shoes that are comfortable and of good quality?

It's not that I am against uniforms, I am not....I like the idea of uniforms, I just wish that the system was more flexible.  I am tired of trying to keep his WHITE polo shirts, WHITE socks, WHITE sneakers, WHITE hat, bright and white. It's impossible.  In fact, besides his school uniform, I don't think he owns anything white, just for that reason, it's impossible to keep stain free!

Please, Board of Education, school administartion, PTA members, let's think of some new ways to have our children dress in this new, modern age!
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