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How was your weekend?
 How was your weekend?
In the United States, our first day back to work on Monday morning, we often ask our friends and colleagues, "How was your weekend?"  It is meant only as a nicety, and we aren't really asking for minute details, we just want to show an interest in each other's lives outside of work.
In Japan, I hardly get asked what I do on the weekend.  Most people know I work on Saturdays, but otherwise it is kept as a "secret" one wants to pry or ask too nosey of a question, perhaps.
I don't mind talking about my weekends, in fact, I think I can get good ideas from other families for places to go and things to see as a family.
So today, I will talk about what we usually do on our weekend.
We have joined a group of other international families called ABC - Active Bilingual Children.  In each family, one parent is a native English speaker and one parent is Japanese.  There are families from Canada, New Zealand, England and the United States.  We all have children who we are raising as bilinguals and we get together on Sundays in an effort for the children to see that they are not alone...there are other children just like them....of a mixed background. 
This group was founded by a couple of fathers and we have been so lucky to partcipate in it.  It is organized around using English in all skill areas - speaking and listening, reading and writing.  So we have a language focus time where our children work with someone OTHER than their parent and read a book, spell words, do a worksheet, some language focus.  We also have show and tell and then each parent takes a turn and teaches about a theme that we have established ahead of time.  It takes dedication and support from all parents, but it seems to work out well.  My kids really enjoy it and they have a ball playing with the other children.
We also take trips to various educational sites around the area.  We have been star gazing at an astronomical observatory, using a large telescope, visited the planetarium, watched IMAX films on dinosaurs, visited science centers, went to the beach, made home made pizzas, corn bread in a fire pit, all sorts of hands on activities for the kids to explore various subjects.
It's been lots of fun and we always look forward to what is next.
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