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Digging for fossils
Last weekend we drove about 2 hours to a place surrounded by mountains covered in green cedar and pine trees.  In the middle of this Japanese countryside is a fossil museum boasting the Vicarya fossil.  It is from the Cenozoic time period, so fairly "recent" in geological history - much newer than the Jurassic period with dinosaurs. The town is Nagi and there is Mt. Nagi overlooking this museum, its walking trails, field and the area to dig for fossils.
Where are those dinosaur boners?

This was actually our THIRD trip to Nagi's Vicarya fossil museum in the last year.  My children, especially the boys, love this activity.  I think my daughter will enjoy it more when she is older.  It's hard for a two-year old to focus on searching for fossils for more than ten minutes.  My two older have to be pulled away after the one hour time limit is up.
Look what I found!

The museum is very basic, but explains that Nagi was once covered in the ocean.  There is a ten minute video that shows how it was actually in shallow waters, covered in mangroves.  The fossil that is easiest to find is the spiral shell of snails and other shell fish.  You can also find teeth to early whales, claws of crabs and cray fish and even hardened, fossilized wood.  The best part of this experience, besides the fact that it is hands on, is that there are volunteers that explain what you have found.  They divide up the fossils into each category and congratulate you on your discoveries.  They may keep some of your specimens too! (Retired Japanese men and women never cease to amaze me with their volunteer spirit and the energy they commit to various clubs and organizations.)
Im a future archaeologist!

Anyway, this was another one of our ABC activities. We went as a group and the museum was very accomodating.  They let us use a room to eat our picnic lunch in and there is a grass field outside that we all played soccer on.  It was great rain and not too hot. I am sure we will go again! Why don't you check it out too!

Here is their website
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