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Road kill
 So living in the country, back in my hometown,  presents itself with challenges, most importantly dodging animals that run out into the road, especially at night.  The animals that sleep during the day and are active at night (nocturnal) animals especially get run over by cars at night.  It's not a pretty sight the next morning.  Racoons, opossum, even skunks are often seen on the side of the road, still, hard and cold.  These animals are often known as road kill.

One animal you don't want to hit with your car is a deer.  This time of year, as it gets toward the autumn season, the mating season begins, as does the hunting season.  So deer get spooked easily and they are more active.  Hitting a deer with a car increases rapidly in the autumn season.

To help prevent this, the Department of Transportation has posted signs including the one below to warn drivers that deers are present in this area.  Unfortunately, deer often run out into the road without any warning and do a lot of damage to your car and cause an accident.  Be careful driving!

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