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My beloved clothes dryer
I know I have written too much about having a clothes dryer in the United States.  But I couldn't resist taking a picture of my washing machine and clothes dryer at my house in the United States so that I could show it to my friends. 

The appliances you see in the picture below are my washing machine, on the bottom and my clothes dryer, on top.  They are so convenient and I wish I had them in my home in Japan. Days like today when it is so clear and sunny I would hang out my clothes, but days that are rainy, cloudy or the weather forecast is not so definite, I would wash my clothes any time and at my convenience dry them in the clothes dryer. 

The clothes dryer is like one in the laundromat here in Japan, with an outside vent to push the moist air and dry the clothes rapidly.  They are dry within an hour and fluffy and have few, if any wrinkles. Far different from the all-in-one washer/dryer that I have here in Japan.

Anyway, I still yearn for my beloved clothes dryer....

washing machine and clothes dryer in the US
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