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Outdoor activities in the autumn season
Recently we have been having great weather; warm, sunny days and cool nights.  Every weekend we have been doing some sort of outdoor activity with our children.  As they get older it is easier to do go hiking, cycling or climb a mountain (albiet a small, nearby one) without dragging along a diaper bag, stroller and all the necessities.

The other weekend we went cycling. We had a three day weekend and we went to an area that has a cycling path through the countryside over 20 kilometers long.  Of course we couldn't go the whole way, we wandered through rice fields and along small rivers.

First we drove to Kibitsu Temple where we can rent bicycles. They aren't anything fancy, just the standard bicycle students and housewives ride around town getting to school and doing errands.  One of the adult bikes was equipped with a child seat for Emma to sit in. She loved riding on the back of Papa's bicycle, with a great view and an easy ride.  Nika used his own bike and zipped along, racing down slopes at one moment then lagging behind the next.  Kailo had to rent a bike because he has outgrown his at home (hint, hint Santa).  He would try and spot fish in the small rivers that act as irrigation for the rice fields. 

The local farmers were just beginning to harvest their rice.  They have mini size tractors to go through the postage stamp size rice fields harvesting each grain of precious rice.  The average age of farmers must be above seventy. I wonder to myself who is going to cultivate rice when this generation moves on?

Anyway, we had a great time cycling through the countryside.  I am sure we will go again.  Can't wait for Emma to be able to ride her own bicycle!
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