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 We went skiing in January, the five of us and some friends.  We wanted to leave our youngest (3 years old) home, but with no one available to watch her we decided to bring her along. After all, she had never experienced snow before.  A strange concept for me, growing up in the North, I've known snow my whole life.

Friends made reservations for us at a minshuku, a Japanese style inn with reasonable prices and the basic amenities. It was a perfect location, just a few hundred feet from the ski lift and in the mountains. We skiied on Mt. Daisen, in Tottori Prefecture.  From the ski resort you can see the Sea of Japan on a clear day.  Very picturesque.

We arrived on a Saturday before noon and skiied the entire day. The boys (Papa included) tried out snowboarding.  Our oldest took a lesson and went off with his friends. We hardly saw him, except in passing.  He had so much fun.  If it wasn't for a friend's dad, we wouldn't have had any pictures of him. Our youngest and I played in the snow, sledding, building snowmen and enjoying the beautiful day.  We had such lovely weather the first day we were there.

With our minshuku so close, I was able to go in and take breaks with our youngest. We had packed a picnic lunch and ate it in our room and it made life easier around nap time.  Even I snuck in a short nap! 

The next day I went out on the slopes with skiis as did our younger son.  He was complaining of sore knees from falling with the snowboard, so we switched him to skiis.

The kids had a great time and we really enjoyed ourselves too.  We really want to again. Not sure we can squeeze it in this season, but we will definitely go next year. Then maybe our youngest can try skiis!
3 kids at Daisen

Papa and Emma

Nika snowboard
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